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Your data analysed - Hampshire GCSE Music grades are above national average!

Happy Friday everyone! Apologies that this is later than usual and I hope you get to read it before brains are switched to weekend mode!

Thank you to the schools who provided me with Key Stage 4 data of their 2022 leavers. I have thoroughly analysed the figures and extrapolated some really interesting findings (click below to open full document).

2022 Leavers GCSE and vocational grade analysis
Download PDF • 470KB

If you haven't got time to view the whole thing, then here is a summary of the key findings:

•Hampshire schools’ GCSE Music results are above national average according to JCQ.

•KS4 Music is more popular with boys (164 students) than girls (106).

•Vocational Music courses are not popular with girls (GCSE = 54% boys and 46% girls, Vocational courses = 85% boys and 15% girls).

•Overall, girls are achieving above boys, but not by a huge margin.

•Higher achievers are significantly more likely to reach top grades in GCSE over vocational courses.

•Students overall just as likely to achieve 4 or above in GCSE as they are in vocational courses.

•SEN and disadvantaged students are significantly more likely to achieve 4 or above in vocational courses over GCSE.

Although this survey was based on data from a relatively small sample, I think there are some really pertinent points to reflect on here. Certainly when considering whether to offer GCSE or vocational or both, this demonstrates some of the key considerations and might give you some useful evidence to share with line managers/SLT.

Finally, I wonder if you have a few minutes to fill in a form for me? I am looking in to how district panel meetings are currently being run (if at all!), in an attempt to find ways to make them as useful as possible. This is a nice short one and I'd really appreciate as many responses as possible (link below).

Thank you and happy weekend!


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