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Visits and training

Hi everyone!

I hope you've had a great first few weeks back. I'm sure many of you have been suffering with 'Open Evening feet' and I hope that workload has not been as heavy as last week's rain.

Though I have seen many of you at meetings and events over the last year, and looking forward to seeing you again at conference next month, I would really like to get round to see more of you in school this year. As a result, Shaun has agreed for me to offer a free 2-hour consultation visit to any of you wanting to review your current department practice and curriculum, or to discuss next steps in how to support you with further developments. Though a more formal invitation will come later, I thought it'd be worth letting you know in case you wanted to book a visit in the near future. Please email me to arrange.

Also, if you have any ECT1s or 2s in your department, I will be running an ECT training session on 13th October through HIAS - please email if you would like more details.

Finally, a plea for subject leaders. If you have a minute to spare, could you please email the headline figures from your 2023 leavers' KS4 results? Just copied and pasted from your existing in-school review would be perfect (so long as it is GDPR-safe, of course). Collating this data will really help Shaun and I review the county-wide picture long before it's made more widely available, and therefore in time for conference.

Have a fabulous week!


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