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Online Music Teaching Update!

Hoping everyone is keeping well - no doubt looking forward to the half term!

I just wanted to share a post regarding some further models of online practice with a focus on:

  1. Practical Music Making

  2. Delivering the ‘in-school’ music department curriculum online - well sequenced and building incrementally on skills and knowledge

  3. Sites of instruction and sites of application

  4. Developing collaboration, engagement and assessment for learning

Wyvern School - Model for Year 7 and Year 8

The model at Wyvern involves teachers using ‘Screencastify’ to record a 10 minute teacher video prior to the lesson. This is the teacher input for students in the lesson regarding the learning/skills/knowledge/understanding. Screencastify is a google-based service - a good alternative for Microsoft platforms is ‘Streams’.

The teacher video is for mixed ability classes and is aimed just above the average learner. The students watch this independently later on in the lesson. The very beginning of the lesson still starts with ‘live’ teaching, introducing the lesson, questions and listening examples that relate to the learning.

Students then apply their learning (Bandlab is used for practical work). The video being played at any point in the lesson independently by the students; using pause, rewind etc as they need to. The teacher is able to check in on the learning and field questions accordingly. As the lesson moves forward the teacher assesses those students who need some more specific input to help them. These students are moved into a breakout room for this (the link being shared in the Screencastify video). Similarly students can be moved into the break room by the teacher for individual input. Two breakout rooms are possible if an LSA is also in the lesson.

Bandlab has proved highly successful for Year 7 and 8 at Wyvern, with assignments being shared using Teams (rather than through the Bandlab assignment set up) and students uploading their work to Teams using an MP3 format. Student work is either uploaded at the end of a lesson or at the end of every other lesson. This has also been a contributing factor in supporting high levels of engagement whilst enabling the teacher to effectively monitor the quality of work; the key priorities for teaching then following in subsequent lessons.

Mountbatten Model for Year 7 and Year 8

Similar to the model above though teachers recording the video using Loom. Teaching also utilising Bandlab.

A further technique Mountbatten is using for ensuring engagement is ‘random listening’. Using ‘Epraise’. The random selector can be seen on screen (selecting different students) with music playing as the selection takes place (Mountbatten using Tequila). Students are aware they might be selected and this then promotes good levels of application for producing work in the lessons. When selected students play their pieces (from Bandlab), with the rest of the students posting comments to peer assess, linked to the success criteria.

Please do also look at the Teaching and Learning Webinars on the Secondary Music Blog if you have not seen these yet.

Best wishes,


Senior Learning Leader for Schools and Curriculum

Hampshire Music Service

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