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Ofqual - Summer 2021

Hi Everyone,

I hope your return to school is running smoothly and you have a good week with settling the students back into the classroom.

I just thought I would send out a post regarding GCSEs and some of the more pertinent Ofqual documents.

There are 3 key documents to be aware of:

  1. Decision on how GCSE, AS and A Level grades will be determined in summer 2021

  2. Information for centre about making objective judgements

  3. Information for heads of centre, heads of department and teachers on the submission of teacher assessed grades: summer 2021 |(draft guidance)

Some are the main areas are:

  • Teachers must assess student performance, only on what content has been delivered to them by their teachers, to determine the grade each student should receive.

  • Teachers can use evidence of a student’s performance from throughout the course to inform their judgement.

  • Teachers should determine the grades as late in the academic year as is practical, and not confine to a defined window, to enable teaching to continue for as along as possible.

  • Schools and colleges should use a broad range of evidence across the taught content to determine the grades before submitting the grades to the exam boards.

  • Heads of centre will have to confirm that students have been taught sufficient content to allow progression to the next stage of their education.

  • Students should continue to work on their non-exam assessment (NEA), including Project qualifications. NEA will be marked by teachers and will contribute to the overall grade, whether or not it has been completed, but there will be no requirement for exam boards to moderate it.

  • Overall, it will be no easier of harder for a student to achieve a particular grade this year compared to previous years.

This last point is particularly important when setting assessments, marking and taking into consideration a range of evidence.

Later in the week I will look to send out a further post with points relating to the assessment/marking process and some key areas to think around.

Please do get in touch if you would like to.

Best wishes,


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