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Ofqual Consultation

This may well have been seen by everyone by now, but just in case I thought I would send out a post.

'Ofqual are consulting on proposed changes to the way some GCSEs, AS and A levels the body regulates should be examined in summer 2021 and to the arrangements for non- exam assessments undertaken by students who will be taking exams next summer. The proposals are made in the context of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This has resulted in loss of education during the spring and summer terms of the academic year 2019/2020. In line with the government’s policy intentions we are planning for exams and assessments to be taken by students next year.' 'Ofqual are seeking views on our proposals to change the assessment requirements for some subjects to:'

  • free up teaching time and, in some instances, reduce what needs to be taught; and

  • take account of any public health restrictions relating to coronavirus (COVID- 19) that might be in place during the next academic year

'The consultation includes proposals and questions on the following areas:'

  • adaptations to exams and assessments that could free up teaching time

  • adaptations to exams and assessments to address obstacles that could be created by any public health safeguards

  • sampling of subject content

  • the use of more optional questions in exams

  • changing the length of exams

  • changing the exam timetable

Consultation arrangements Duration 'The consultation will be open for two weeks starting on 2 July 2020 and ending on 16 July 2020. Ofqual recognise this is a much shorter period than the body would normally allow for consultation, but believes it is necessary and reasonable in the current situation. Although exams in 2021 are some months away, students, teachers and the exam boards are seeking information now to enable them to plan and prepare for the next academic year.' Respond Please respond to this consultation by completing the online response at of-gcses-as-and-a-levels-in-2021

Below are the suggestions around the Music GCSE re. consultation and then below this AS and A Level Music and AS and and A Level Music Technology.

Please follow the link for the full document:

Below are the suggestions for AS and A Level Music and AS and A Level Music Technology

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