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Offers, requests and invites.

Hi all.

Just stopping by with a few final items for the year (probably)! Please read all and take part where you can.

1) Network meeting this Friday - please join if you can!

Remember it is free and there will be cake... Get to the sign up form through this link.

2) KS4 Vocational support groups

I am looking to connect colleagues who are currently delivering or about to deliver Key Stage 4 vocational qualifications. No need to meet in person necessarily, but I'd really like colleagues to be able to share their good practice, plans, resources and experience with others. Please complete this survey to register your interest in being involved.

3) Hampshire County Youth Choirs open day

Please share this poster around your school, and with your choirs and keen singers. Please also send on this link to anyone who is interested in signing up -

4) Key Stage 4 and 5 Music curriculum research

We have been invited by the Music faculty at the University of Oxford to take part in some pertinent research.

'The aim of this study is to assess teachers’ perceptions of diversity in the music curriculum at Key Stages 4 and 5, with particular emphasis on set works and wider listening.'

If you would like to be part of the research, please follow this link.

Thanks for getting this far everyone! Hope to see lots of you on Friday.


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