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NMC GCSE Composition Resource

NMC Composition Resource

I hope everyone has had a smooth return to the classroom and you are all enjoying being back with the students.

My most recent posts have been around COVID and online practice, sharing ideas around this and also initial ideas around different approaches for a return to school. I hope these have all been useful to you.

For this post I thought I would share a resource that I came across at the beginning of the month, and it may well be that a number of colleagues have already seen it.

As you are aware, I am particularly keen on supporting composition in the classroom and exploring and helping to develop the key pedagogy when teaching this skill in the classroom.

NMC have recently published, in partnership with Focus on Sound, a free PDF download available from their website. This teaching resource is focused on GCSE composition and has a very ‘open’ approach to creating musical ideas.

It features works from six composers associated with NMC’s catalogue and has been written in partnership with Dr Steven Berryman.

There are audio recordings of the works and then associated composition tasks relating to harmony, melody, texture, structure and rhythm. The resource will need thinking through in terms of making it accessible to all students in the classroom. I am sure though that the various examples and starting points can be individualised further to suit the needs of your students, or that the resource may generate other ideas linked to different repertoire you may be more familiar with.

Please do let me know how you get on.

Once you have accessed the site from the link you will be able to download the PDF resource free of charge. Please do get back though if you have difficulties accessing.

Have a great weekend when you get there,


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