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Updated: May 17, 2021


March already - almost a year since the world changed!

We are continuing to find new ways to create engaging musical content online whilst we all stay at home, including virtual performances such as

‘The Show Must Go On’, pupil showcases, online career talks, masterclasses and Friday singing sessions as part of the ‘My Voice; Our Song’ project.

With the recent news that schools will be fully re-opened on 8 March, we are planning and very much looking forward to returning to face-to-face teaching and, eventually, some semblance of normality. We will continue to support schools in any way we can and thank them once again for their support through these challenging times.

We’ve survived lockdown #3, there’s light at the end of the tunnel at last!

More information about all our activities can be found on our website:

HMS Provision 2021-22

Information about HMS provision for the next academic year will soon be winging its way to Hampshire schools. There are loads of exciting offers, many of which will be brand new, to get pupils of all ages engaged with music-making.

Some examples of the options available are Barnaby Bear’s Travels for KS1, Rock2theBeat and Beyond the Beat for KS2 and music technology for KS2/3.

My Voice; Our Song moves online!

Last year, the project ‘My Voice; Our Song’ was launched, a large-scale singing project for Hampshire schools that uses collective singing as a tool to support mental health and wellbeing. The project culminated in a huge schools’ performance at hub partner, The Anvil in Basingstoke.

Despite not being able to continue the project in schools this year, singing for mental wellbeing continues online! Friday singing sessions launched recently, open for all members of the family and all levels of experience and ability.

The aim of these sessions is to provide a supportive space for those who love a good sing-a-long, simply for the joy of it. If you would like to find out more about ‘My Voice; Our Song Online’ please visit the Hampshire Music Service website.

“I love joining in with the Friday sessions, and the songs are always fun. I really like being able to sing with my whole family.” - yr4 participant

Get involved here

The Show Must Go On

Over the past weeks, HMS colleagues have been working hard on a virtual performance of Queen’s ‘The Show Must Go On’.

A collaboration of teachers involved in the exciting new project ‘Rock2theBeat’ initiated this project, with teachers from across the county getting stuck in to help.

The talent and hard work of these musicians is wonderful to see, we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

Special thanks must go to Greg Walker for arranging and producing the project, as well as the Rock2theBeat tutors and other HMS staff involved.

To watch the video, visit the Hampshire Music Hub YouTube channel.

Hampshire County Youth Choirs needs male voices!

As we get closer to being able to restart face-to-face rehearsals, ensemble directors are busy making plans for the future of their groups. The Hampshire County Youth Choirs have exciting plans for the coming year and are looking to recruit more male voices. Singing is a fantastic way to boost confidence, musical skill and ability, and find new friends in a supportive environment.

If you, or someone you know, has a love of singing or would just like to give it a go and see what the choirs are all about, please get in touch with Hampshire Music Service for some more information. HCYC is recruiting new members, ages 6-18 and all abilities and experience are welcome.

Virtual Festivities

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in ‘A Re-Imagined Christmas’, our virtual alternative to the many Christmas concerts and events that were not able to take place live this year. Pupils across Hampshire primary and secondary schools took part in their hundreds, as well as school staff, HMS colleagues, HMS ensemble members and Members from Hampshire County Council.

The whole day of musical activities, including a performance from the Hampshire County Youth Band and a ‘9 Lessons in Carols’ service led by county councillors, gave us all some much needed festive cheer to end the autumn term. Looking forward, everyone at Hampshire Music Service is anticipating great things next year and a full schedule of live concerts!

Keeping Schools Updated

The Hampshire Music Education Hub has been exploring new ways to stay in touch with schools, keeping them up to date on everything music education. Recently, the secondary school newsletter was replaced with a new secondary music curriculum blog which has proved very successful.

We are excited to announce that plans are in place to provide a similar platform for Hampshire primary schools, creating a one-stop-shop for music education news, resources, guidance and updates. All Hampshire schools are eligible to access these platforms and more information about the primary music curriculum blog will be coming to schools soon.

Percussion Showcase

One of the latest projects to be released was a fantastic showcase performance by young percussionists. Around 20 performers took part in the performance, showcasing a range of styles and instruments – from drum kit to xylophone! Please enjoy this performance, demonstrating the hard work going on at home from Hampshire’s young musicians.

To watch the video, visit the Hampshire Music Hub YouTube channel.

Where are they now?

Shelagh Lee began her journey with Hampshire Music Service at 12 years old in the early 1970s when she was awarded a county music exhibition for singing and piano. Thank you, Shelagh, for sharing your experiences with us.

“As I came from a non-musical family, to be part of HMS was amazing, and really helped me develop as a singer. Initially, HMS paid for Marion Studholm, an opera singer from Sadler's Wells, to come and teach me, and then, when the travelling became difficult for her, another local professional singer. Without this support I would have never managed to continue singing. My secondary school did not continue music past year 9, so HMS helped my parents to lobby for music to continue, which enabled ten of us to sit our O-Level music.

After A-Levels, I went on to King Alfred's College (now the University of Winchester) to study music and drama and left with a B.Ed. in 1980. During my time there I started a rock band and we were very lucky to get a recording contract. We released a single in 1979, but unfortunately did not get anywhere with it, although we toured extensively round the South of England and London over the next few years, building quite a following.

After the birth of my son, I decided to concentrate on my teaching career, first as a peripatetic teacher for both HMS and individual schools, teaching singing, piano and guitar. In 1992 I started teaching at my old prep school, Sherborne House, as a singing teacher, and became Director of Performing Arts in 2000, teaching music, drama and offering singing lessons as well. As a school we have several choirs and ensembles, including an orchestra and ukulele group, all of which I am responsible for, as well as teaching the class music and drama lessons across the school from pre-reception through to year 6. I find this very satisfying as I can watch children develop as they move through the school.

Wearing other hats, I am the chairman of Southampton Festival of Music and Drama, one of the oldest competitive music festivals in the country, and Vice Chairman of Art Asia, who celebrate south asian arts in all forms. I am also a governor at a local state infant school. My support from HMS in my childhood years, which enabled me to follow my musical dreams, and build a career from it, has shown me the power of outside agencies in supporting children in their musical journeys, which is why I have volunteered in arts and educational charities and organisations.

Three years ago I was bemoaning how much I was missing playing as part of an ensemble, and a friend persuaded me to take up the flute. Before lockdown I was playing in a local band. I also love to perform as a singer and take every opportunity to do so. Once we are able to do so again, I look forward to being more involved in local performing opportunities, especially anything to do with musical theatre! As well as all my musical activities I am a keen runner and an ambassador for Tough Mudder, which allows me to touch base with my inner child!

I always feel that the teacher who recommended me for a Hampshire County Music Exhibition changed the direction of my life totally. This action enabled a child who came from a house with only four records and no instruments, to make a career out of music.”

Downloadable copy of the Hub Newsletter Spring 21

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