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GCSE, vocational... or both?

Hello everyone!

Today I have a video presentation for you, combining the analysis of official Hampshire KS4 results, as well as deeper insight in to the different exam boards and qualifications we offer in the county. If you've ever wondered how many times a person can say 'really interesting' in a 15-minute presentation, then you are about to find out! Seriously though, I do encourage taking the time to watch this as it throws up some really interesting questions for us all, as well as some compelling evidence to take to SLT.

Here is a PDF version of the slides for further investigation, if desired!

2022 Key Stage 4 Music data analysis blog presentation
Download PDF • 422KB

Also, your Headteacher will be receiving a physical copy of the flyer attached below before the half term break - please have a look and encourage your line managers to sign you (and your colleagues) up as soon as possible!

Secondary Network Meeting Flyer
Download PDF • 609KB

Have a lovely weekend!


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