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GCSE Results - National

Dear colleagues, I hope you are all keeping well and having a good start to the year. It is great to be back face to face and also to be back to extra-curricular activities without having to worry about bubbles - at least not for the moment!! I am hoping there will be more consistency with music in our schools this year.

Please find below some national statistics for GCSE music. These show the trend over the last 5 - 6 years.

In the recent OFSTED subject review for music (which I will send out a blog for soon) there are some more precise figures.

GCSE entries for boys falling from 24,000 to 15,500.

Girls are slightly more stable though still a decline from 12,500 to 19,000.

For A Level the average uptake is only 1 - 2 pupils per school on average.

I know that with the lockdowns we have experienced there are concerns about immediate option numbers. I also know that there are schools in Hampshire really bucking the trend.

Below are the grades for over the last 5 - 6 years. The lockdown results do show an increase in the 4 and above and 7 and above grades. From 2023 it will be interesting to see if and how these results change.

The last two years have been very challenging and there is no doubt that lots of excellent work has taken place to ensure really good grades and an effective transition to K.S.5.

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