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GCSE music results - summer 2019

Our progress is clearly strong! The table below shows Hampshire Music Results for 2019 compared to National Music results. Hampshire is definitely bucking the trend regarding entries and progress. These results are significantly above the national average. This is excellent news and definitely to be celebrated!

Sadly, the table below is a little more sobering, showing numbers of students opting for GCSE falling. However, this data does not take into consideration schools which have switched to ‘equivalent’ qualifications. Currently I do not have this detail though there are several schools who have moved, or who are in the process of moving, to RSL. In addition, schools are also running Music Technology courses (again GCSE equivalent) for cohorts of students. This data is also not reflected above. The most common boards for Music Technology are RSL and NCFE. Adding in these numbers will probably reflect a much more stable trend.

Average cohorts for GCSE Music are around 12 – 14 students and only a small percentage of schools now have larger numbers of students taking music. However, there is still have a strong % of schools across Hampshire entering students for GCSE music.

Attainment and Progress Data

The table above shows student progress. It is based on students of a similar prior attainment profile nationally.

e.g. %4+ average point score in 2019 shows +3% progress’ meaning Hampshire students performed 3% better at 4+ than students of a similar prior attainment profile nationally.

National Statistics for GCSE Music – Entries

Below are some statistics which you can find in the ISM publication ‘State of the Nation Music Education’ (link below).

The statistics unfortunately show a decreasing trend. Again, there will be several factors behind the reason for this e.g. how music is blocked as an option subject, the changes to specifications and the accessibility now of music at K.S.4 for large numbers of students and of course how schools view the importance of the EBacc.

KS5 Music (A Level)

For colleagues teaching A Level Music I have included similar data to GCSE.

The progress here is also significantly positive which is excellent news!

KS5 Music Tech A-Level

Figures for Music Technology A Level are positive too though not as strong as Music ‘A’ Level.

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