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Fresh Meet...

Hi everyone. I hope you are winding down nicely and that plans for next year are going swimmingly.

Part 1 - Network Meeting - Urgent update

You should have received an email from Emma about the rescheduling of the upcoming network meeting. We took the decision to move it from the 7th to the 14th July, to not put anyone in an awkward position on the strike day.

Although this means a short-notice change of date, it is now free at Falcon House, Winchester again, which hopefully will sweeten the deal for your school leaders to let you join us. As a result, I am hoping more of you will be able to attend.

It will be a great chance for you to meet up with colleagues across the county to reflect on this year and plan for the year ahead, as well as to take in some information and strategies on assessment in KS3 Music.

Please complete this form to book on as soon as possible, so that we know we have enough attendees to make the meeting viable.

If you have any issues with the form or questions about the meeting, please email me at and Emma at

Part 2 - Hub Conference bookings

Please also remember to sign up for our wonderful annual hub conference. See the previous blog post for details of workshops and click on the below link to book yourself on.

Part 3 - Tomorrow's Composers project update

We had a great response to the offer of this project to be run by the Martin Read Foundation next term, and are now oversubscribed. We will be in touch with the schools/staff who will be taking part shortly, but new applications are now closed.

I hope to see lots of you at Falcon House on the 14th July! Have a great weekend when it arrives.


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