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Developing Musical Skill - FREE - Only Available for JUNE!!!

Developing Musical Skill
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Musical Skill for Blog
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Back in 2018 Hampshire Music Service had the pleasure of a visit from Australian music education expert Michael Griffin, as part of a CPD day and he also gave an inspirational talk to HMS ensemble members.

As we are not able to have him with us in person due to the pandemic, he has instead made his online training course available for all HMS staff to use over the next few weeks. We are now making this available for schools - though access will only be until the end of June.

The course challenges the common belief that musical skill is inherited through our genes, rather than developed or nurtured. It challenges students to think smarter and gives guidance on all those important facts about regular practice, including smart repetition, slow practice and chunking.

'Only practise on the days that you eat!'

Details of the course are attached. There are nine videos and worksheets in the link. It does take a little work to navigate through this, but it's well worth the effort. You can also dip in and out at your own leisure.

We are making this available to HMS ensemble members and parents and also now to all Hampshire schools. Older students will be able to access all the material, although you might wish to steer them towards certain sections, if you know they have access to the course.

The course is available free of charge to Hampshire teachers and parents until the end of June.

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