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Bandlab Update

Bandlab Smartphone App Video Tutorial 5 (4 Parts)

Just below in this week’s Blog post you will find Video Tutorial 5 which is in 4 parts. The videos cover how to create a basic EDM composition with the addition of a synth bass part, synth lead part and chord part all of which complement the drum parts sequenced in the previous videos. In addition there is instruction about changing the octave for an instrument, step time record, looping and mixing. I hope you find the collection of videos really helpful.

The videos could be used for an assignment where students simply sequence the parts as per the instructions on the video and then develop the arrangement from here.

Please let me know how you get on.

Using the Education Platform for Bandlab on a Smartphone

The smartphone Bandlab app is great though it is not part of the educational platform for Bandlab. However, there is a way for your students to use the smartphone app through the Bandlab educational platform. I trialled this successfully with Ben Cull at Brookfield Community School

  1. Teacher signs in to Bandlab education platform

  2. Teacher sets up class/es

  3. Teachers sets up an assignment

  4. Teacher posts the assignment to students in the class

  5. Students use their smartphone to download the Bandlab app (not via a link sent by the teacher)

  6. Students receive an email with a link to the assignment. Students must use email on their smartphone to open the link

  7. Students opens link and this takes them to their Bandlab app

  8. Students work on assignment and save

  9. Students tap on the ‘Project’ after saving and then tap on the ‘share private link’ - this copies to the ‘clipboard’

  10. Students then pastes the link into an email addressed to teacher

I hope you find Bandlab useful with supporting practical music making online. Please do drop me a line to let me know.

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