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Adaptive Music teaching

Hi everyone! I hope you have all had a great half term and that you enjoy the break. I would like to share a couple of resources with you today that may be useful, but probably best to pin this to pick it up after the week off!

I have been looking at adaptive teaching on various fronts. In school, I often find that the standard suggested approaches to teaching students with SEND are either not relevant or not helpful to teaching our subject. For example, barriers for students in other subjects might not be apparent in Music, or might present very differently.

I have put together a short review of the suggested practice for Music as well as some useful strategies to employ in the classroom. It draws on the National Plan For Music Education, as well as reports from the Education Endowment Foundation and HIAS. Putting this together gave me the opportunity to reflect on my practice and consider how I can improve access to the curriculum, and I hope it will be similarly useful for you.

Secondary Music - Adaptive teaching to support good progress for ALL pupils, including tho
Download • 1.58MB

More specifically for Key Stage 4, I have been finding more information and guidance on 'Performing with technology' for students takings GCSE Music. Making GCSE Music more accessible for less confident musicians is a huge area of focus, and we will be providing a workshop on this at conference. In the meantime, below is a link to a blog post from Liz Dunbar from Huntington School that introduces the concept and how it might be an extremely helpful tool for us.

Finally, please join us for our last Secondary Music Network Meeting of the academic year. Would love to see lots of you there! Feedback from the last one was very positive, and the opportunity to network and catch up with colleagues is such a valuable one. Details below:

Have a lovely break!


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