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A New Era of Home Learning

COVID -19 is having a real impact on education. Since lockdown started schools have been significantly investing in the most effective and creative ways to engage young people with learning while most students are working from home.

Home learning arrangements have continued to evolve over this period of time with teachers developing more and more expertise with the use of technology to support student learning.

As music teachers we are incredibly passionate about music education being highly practical and with a focus on creativity. The challenge of course is enabling this learning experience whilst young people are at home and not able to access the specialised equipment in our school classrooms.

To this end there are many exciting and powerful apps available for creating music and ones that are accessible on smart phones too. For example ‘Bandlab’ and ‘Soundtrap’ to name just a couple.

Over the past few weeks a Secondary Heads of Music Working Party has started to focus on experimenting with using free software packages.

Some initial projects have been discussed and are now being trialled with a view that later in the half term we can provide some good guidance about software, and project ideas to all Hampshire schools.

Bandlab Soundtrap

More information to follow ..................

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